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Concrete Audio integrates your space with the finest in luxury audio/video and control systems. Attentive to the details that enhance homes, offices, or commercial establishments, our products and services appeal to discerning clientele seeking unparalleled design, quality, and performance. Adapting to the latest trends, each project is designed to deliver a seamlessly integrated experience, consistently breaking barriers.

Founded in 2015, Concrete Audio has successfully completed over 200 projects in India. With teams in three major cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi – we are committed to being the premier destination for luxury audio/video and automation in India.

Home Cinema

Transform your home into a personalized cinematic haven with cutting-edge technologies like Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, DTSX, Dolby Legacy, Reference Design, ambient light rejection screens, and calibration software. From basic 5.1 setups to advanced 32-channel home -theater systems, our designs and products rival any in the market.

Crafted to international standards, our integration ensures an unparalleled viewing experience. We exclusively use top-tier, proven brands to guarantee value exceeding the cost. Tailored to your preferences, whether classic or modern, each theater is uniquely built for an exceptional cinematic escape.

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Embrace the Purest Sound

High-fidelity Audio - Reproduction of the highest quality of music achievable to a listener. Crafting a unique soundstage and instrument separation, we design personalized HiFi systems tailored to a client's personality and music taste.

Recognizing music's subjectivity, each speaker has its personality, catering to diverse styles. We deeply understand our client's needs, offering a one-stop solution for serious audiophiles. Handpicking the finest wireless systems, we simplify setup and educate clients for an optimized, hassle-free experience. Enjoy the convenience of one-touch system control and indulge in high-fidelity music and radio – the best of both worlds

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Elevate Your Sound Performance

Revolutionize your commercial space with our performance-based system tailored for retail and live venues. Partnering with industry leaders, we ensure seamless solutions that never compromise on quality, design, or sound.

Whether it's a restaurant, nightclub, dance hall, office, or retail outlet, we've got your audio needs covered. Leave the sound details to us—we design the soundstage, strategically place speakers, suggest the optimal grade, and handle the installation. We know how to get the loudest and clearest bang for your buck!

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Seamless Sound Everywhere
Wireless & Multi-Room

Modern technologies have revolutionized the speaker industry, aligning with the rise of online streaming services. Now, users can easily control music selection, volume, and equalizer settings through dedicated apps.

With Multiroom systems, syncing all speakers in your home to play the same music is as simple as a button press. While numerous wireless systems are available, we've curated the finest options, providing seamless setup and client education for an optimized, hassle-free listening experience.

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Conceal your devices
Moving Mechanism

Future Automation, a leading engineering company with a global presence in Britain and North America, specializes in innovative mechanisms for concealing and revealing displays in smart homes, commercial spaces, and marine applications.

Their product range seamlessly blends functionality with high-quality engineering and aesthetic appeal, offering a comprehensive selection of lift mechanisms, mounts, and drops for various applications in AV installations. While dominating the market in display mounting solutions, Future Automation's in-house design team also provides tailored creations for intricate projects, giving integrators the flexibility to sculpt rooms according to client requirements.

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Immersive Virtual Golf
Golf Simulation

HD Golf TM delivers visually stunning, ON-DEMAND golf, with a level of realism incomparable to any competitive system. Let the screen wrap around and pull you into a golfing environment so vivid, real and engaging, you’ll want to apply sunscreen.

With our top golf simulators, you will immediately become immersed in a virtual golf course that hones your skills. This indoor golf simulator for sale can be used as a fun escape or as a practice tool. We deliver the best golf simulator on the market that helps golfers see measurable results on actual courses.

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Retro-gaming - Made to Measure
Bespoke Arcade Machines

Neo Legend is a company that provides bespoke arcade systems. The products are handcrafted in France with the highest quality components from selected suppliers. The care taken in their manufacture make them high quality products with professional reliability.  

The care taken with the design has made them authentic products with a contemporary look, which respect the codes of the arcade period. Their updated design also allows the machines to be fully decorated and customised to suit your wishes.

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Revolutionary Design
Unique Audio

Concrete Audio is proud to be a partner of Italian Sound Design India, a franchise of K-array.

K-array is a renowned manufacturer of unique audio solutions with their global headquarters in Florence, Italy. 

Using K-array you can provide sound that enchants listeners with speakers that are less than the height of your fingers. They also come in amazing colors and finishes such as metallic gold, metallic silver, matte black, matte white, etc.

Since 1990, they have concentrated their efforts and resources in the revolutionary design and manufacture of highly efficient audio systems with impressive performance. Designing audio solutions never dreamed of before.

K-array has a wide variety of applications such as auditoriums and halls, large congregations, event productions, studios, theatres, retail locations, nightclubs and lounges, transportation facilities, museums and exhibitions.

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Intelligent Living
Home Automation

• Lighting control 

• Climate control 

• Curtain control 



• CCTV and surveillance

• Access and Perimeter management

• Centralised audio libraries

• Centralised video libraries

• Multi-room audio speaker systems

• Home cinema control

• TV Lifts and Furniture moving control

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